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The Tweek API enhances Your Entertainment Service with User Centric Personalisation.
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Build with robust Technology

Since 2010, we have continuously developed our technology allowing you to measure and maximise the effectiveness of your Entertainment Discovery. This includes recommender commodities like item2item and collaborative filtering. Combined with our unique deepness of listening and structuring data from the social web, we deliver the personalised set for each user in an easy to integrate, web-based Rest-API.

Enriching User Experience

We believe traditional recommender solutions are failing to deliver a next version Video Discovery as they are not build to handle the amount of usage data and the variety of metadata available. For us, Discovery is more than recommendations. We put Personalisation at the center. Tweek helps video fans identify, discover and connect with movies, tv shows and videos they love.

Improving Core KPIs

Tweek fully aims to get the right content in front of the right user at the right time. We are improving core Business KPIs for you:

  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase Return Rate & Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase ARPU through Upselling of single content items, content packages, or via better targeting

Build for instant Time-to-Market

Tweek takes care of matching your content ecosystem to the social and semantic web data. This includes EPG, Video on Demand and Over the Top content - either provided by your own database or through a third party. This helps us to reduce your time-to-market, significantly.

We are listening to the Social Web

Movies Watched
(since Mar 12)

Movies Recommended (since Oct 12)

Taste Profiles Created (since Mar 12)

Songs Listened To
(since Oct 14)

Overcoming the cold start problem and bursting the filter bubble by connecting different content and entertainment worlds is at the core of our technology approach. Tweek offers the best personalisation solution as

We read and connect data from outside your ecosystem.

We extend raw data through the semantic web.

We read and connect data points outside the entertainment world to your content.

This leads to a unique level of personalisation and a real time context of your Content Discovery.

We are happy to work with amazing Partners and Clients

Tweek in the Media

»Tweek aims to filter the absurd superfluity of media through recommendation.«


»Tweek builds an interface that is focused on moving content in order to make a much better selection process in future.«


»Tweek solves two main problems for the user: Which content is worth my time? Where can I get it now?«


»One of the top six startups in Berlin.«

The Wall Street Journal

»Der Trumpf von Tweek: Sie verstehen die Netzkultur der Fernsehwelt.«

Zeit Online

»Tweek aims to turn the social graph into a TV Guide.«



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